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Elekta Care Support Services

Predict. Prevent. Resolve.

With Elekta Care Support Services we take a proactive approach to supporting you with a combined model of digital and real-world service solutions. We predict, prevent, and resolve issues so that your system can remain clinically available when your patients need it. Remote support speeds up time to resolution but in some situations, an engineer onsite is essential. Choosing the most effective approach for each case is key and by using the best from both worlds our data-driven support model can help you keep patient treatments on schedule through avoided downtime, proactive resolution of issues and a high first-time fix rate.

Our support services are built around real-time data monitoring, remote access and screen sharing enabled by our Elekta IntelliMax® technology. Harnessing artificial intelligence and patented technology our industry leading predictive service allows us to predict issues before they even occur and, in many cases, resolve them remotely before you even knew you had a problem. As a result, your system can achieve the highest uptime possible and thereby ensuring that your patients can receive their treatments as planned without disruption.

See the evidence

  • On average 8 hours of clinical downtime can be avoided per IntelliMax detected issue
  • 234.000 Elekta Linac patient treatment slots saved in 2020
  • IntelliMax typically provides a minimum 2-week warning before a part failure occurs, enabling a proactive resolution at a time that suits you
  • More than 65% of product issues resolved with remote assist
  • More than 20.000 installed Elekta products are connected to IntelliMax in over 80 countries
  • Local availability of crucial spare parts and 95% of field replaceable spare parts shipped within 24h

Source: Elekta internal data 2020

Remote services enabled by IntelliMax

Remote access

Secure remote access to your system enables faster response times and immediate remote investigation by one of our Elekta Care support experts

Proactive service

Proactive service cases are initiated for you when system issues are detected, and you will be contacted by our expert support team to schedule corrective service action

Predictive service

Predictive service cases are initiated for you when a potential future issue is detected via artificial intelligence. Preemptive actions can then be scheduled without impacting the clinical use of your system

Proven secure technology

  • Dedicated secure access
  • No patient data is accessed
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Customer controlled remote access

Global support network

Expert assistance when and where you need it

Sao PauloSydneyMexico CityAtlantaHendersonCrawleyBeijingTokyoShanghaiHong KongGurgaonIstanbulMadridHamburgElekta Care Support Centers

We safeguard your clinical continuity with highly skilled remote and onsite support experts and timely delivery of certified spare parts. Our Elekta Care Support Centers are located in various regions providing round-the-clock remote support in many local languages. With a common knowledge base, shared global processes and an extensive network of vastly experienced Field Service engineers, we ensure immediate and accurate support whenever you have an issue no matter where you are in the world.

Elekta Care Service Agreements

Partnering with you for transparency in lifecycle planning

Elekta Care Service Agreements are available in three different tiers to meet your specific need for transparency in lifecycle planning and costs.

Elekta Care PLATINUM

Complete service coverage for maximized system uptime, optimized use and total control over lifecycle costs

Elekta Care GOLD

Comprehensive service coverage to safeguard the clinical availability of your Elekta system and minimize unexpected lifecycle costs

Elekta Care SILVER

Based on Elekta's high quality standards, Elekta Care Silver coverage features a basic level of support for reliability and efficiency of your clinical operation

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