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Elekta Care 360

Professional services designed to enhance your clinic’s operations*

Clinical experts by your side

Elekta Care 360 brings a new level of professional support, developed and delivered by our expert partners. These services are designed to maximize the potential of your Elekta technology at every stage of your clinical journey.

Elekta Care 360 supports you by:

  • Accelerating the time to your first-patient treatment
  • Enhancing your clinical efficiency and outcomes
  • Providing access to a community of clinical experts when you need them most

*Elekta Care 360 services are not yet available in all markets

Accelerating the time to your first-patient treatment

Enhanced clinical implementation supports the clinical start-up of your radiation therapy solutions.

  • Optimizing and integrating your new Elekta technology

    Our Enhanced Clinical Implementation for Linac and Brachytherapy has been designed to reduce the time between customer acceptance and your first-patient treatment.

  • Implementing treatment planning into clinical operation

    Elekta Care 360 ensures a smooth and efficient introduction ​to Monaco® with minimal operational ​impact, facilitating a faster path to first-patient treatment.

  • Enhance your Quality Assurance program

    Certified medical physicists work with you to successfully define and deploy efficient QA tools—to reduce the time required to perform patient and machine QA.

Clinicians using Elekta software