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Leksell GammaPlan® 11.4

Enhancing your GammaPlan experience with improved usability

Efficient workflows free up time to personalize your patient's treatment plan

Create multiple treatment plans and compare both the visualized isodose lines and calculated dose statistic for two plans on one screen, simultaneously.

Dose summation delivers the confidence to perform repeat treatments

Import your patient’s previous Radiotherapy (RT) treatment dose for physical dose summation of Leksell Gamma Knife® and other RT devices.

Personalize your user interface

Tailor your workspace to your needs when planning treatments with dark mode.

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Further protect your patients’ data

GammaPlan® 11.4 has optional encryption of the central data storage on your primary Leksell GammaPlan workstation—helping to protect your patients’ data from external security threats.

Other new features with GammaPlan® 11.4

  • Expand your treatment options

    Expand treatable indications with targets up to 150mm in length

  • Automatic visual contrast improvement for MR and CBCT images

    The default automatic visual contrast has been improved for CBCT and MR images, to improve visualization of bone anatomy and high contrast soft tissue

  • Improved 3D view with quick selection of areas of interest (ROI)

    The new improved navigation and visualization of the 3D view allows for centering views and selecting volumes by mouse double click.

  • Network transfer of protocols and files

    Leksell GammaPlan® 11.4 allows you to export files, such as patient files or PDF protocols, not only via USB media, but to a network destination folder.

  • Elekta IntelliMax® support for remote service access to log files

    Find more information in the Elekta IntelliMax Security Information document in your Elekta Care Community portal.

*Client change necessary with Leksell GammaPlan® 11.4

Support for remote access to Leksell GammaPlan® workstations from HP ZCentral Remote Boost clients is discontinued and replaced by remote access from NoMachine clients.

Elekta Care for Leksell GammaPlan® 11.4

This upgrade is offered free of charge to Gold and Platinum service contract holders as part of their service contract entitlement.


Complete cover

  • maximized system uptime
  • otpimized use
  • total control over lifecycle costs


Comprehensive cover

  • safeguard system uptime
  • minimized unexpected lifecycle costs
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