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Leksell GammaPlan

Integrated treatment planning for Leksell Gamma Knife

Precision and efficiency in treatment planning

Leksell GammaPlan is a sophisticated treatment planning and management software that is fully integrated with Leksell Gamma Knife and is specifically designed to meet intracranial radiosurgery needs. It provides specialized tools that make full use of the advanced technology incorporated into the system, while ensuring safe and efficient treatment workflows.

Flexible optimized workflows with Leksell GammaPlan

Leksell GammaPlan supports several workflows for treatment planning and delivery with Gamma Knife.

"If the patient moves, in a few seconds, the GammaPlan software automatically adapts the plan to the new position of the patient’s head and displays the dose distribution before and after this automated recalculation. This allows the physician to identify any discrepancies between the initial plan and the recalculated plan according to the new patient position.”

Dr. Jean Regis, Neurosurgeon, La Timone Hospital, France

OncoSmart catheter system

Leksell GammaPlan® Remote

Treatment planning – Anytime, Anywhere.

The Leksell GammaPlan Remote system utilizes the existing, secure hospital network to enable off site Gamma Knife treatment, planning and reviewing for Leksell Gamma Knife Icon and Perfexion users.

Physicians, neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists and other professionals are able to contribute toward the patient's treatment plan without the limitations of a single dedicated workstation.

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