Elekta Unity

See the difference

Elekta Unity

See the difference

We’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, by giving you the power to truly see and treat like never before. No other comparable system can match our clarity and precision or the depth of our insights.

We are proud to launch what will be the most advanced gating solution available as the latest step on our CMM journey.

See and treat like never before

Comprehensive Motion Management (CMM)* will deliver the next stage of our Elekta Unity vision. You’ll be able to choose the right motion management strategy for every patient and trust the combination of True Tracking and Automatic Gating to deliver doses exactly where needed.

*Elekta Unity with Comprehensive Motion Management (CMM) has CE mark and U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance. Not available in all markets.

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Comprehensive Motion Management with True Tracking and Automatic Gating

Thijs Van Bommel, VP and Head of Marketing and Sales, MR-Linac, proudly presents CMM with True Tracking and Automatic Gating—detailing how Unity will quantify movement and correct for it automatically, as it happens.

“Elekta Unity offers the best opportunity for clinicians to create new treatment paradigms and make a difference to patients.” - Thijs Van Bommel

Dr. Bas Raaymakers, Professor Experimental Clinical Physics, University Medical Center Utrecht talks about his team’s experience of testing Unity with motion management, tracking and gating and how they are preparing for patient treatments.

John Christodouleas, MD, MPH, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs at Elekta discusses the clinical potential of Unity with CMM.

Kevin Brown, Distinguished Scientist at Elekta, explores the future of Magnetic Resonance guided Radiation Therapy (MRgRT) where MR-Linacs can see, track and treat the target during motion.

Discover how Elekta Unity is improving clinical outcomes

Elekta Unity users play an important role in the development of both evidence and new treatment paradigms. These case studies are just a few examples of how Unity has the potential to revolutionize cancer treatment.

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Always see the difference, with diagnostic quality MR imaging

Elekta Unity combines accurate, diagnostic quality MR imaging with precise radiation delivery—a unique combination which provides superior soft tissue visualization of the tumor and surrounding anatomy allowing you to confidently escalate daily dose, fiducial free.

Real-time uncompromised MR visualization with 1.5T diagnostic quality MRI scanner throughout the treatment and beyond.

High-dose, localized, treatment was made possible for this patient with liver recurrence, with zero toxicities, or side effects.

Read more about how Unity enabled fiducial-free liver SBRT treatment


Treat moving targets and spare healthy tissue with confidence and certainty

The Elekta Unity system’s unique design maximizes eligibility for radiation therapy. Unity can refine treatment for prevalent cancers and enable treatment for hard-to-treat cancers.

This single kidney patient with surreanal oligomets, turned down for particle therapy and treatment by other centers, was treated on Elekta Unity.

Read more about how Unity was used to treat this single kidney patient


Have the freedom to choose from multiple approaches, best suited to your patient

Dynamic real-time adaptation provides the ability to tailor each MRI-guided radiation therapy session. The treatment dose can be focused on the tumor at every moment, enabling accurate dose delivery based on position and movement, leading to increased protection of healthy tissue.

Unity’s ability to daily adapt the plan in real-time based on the size, shape and position of the anatomy allowed this patient with prostate cancer to be treated, with no side effects reported.

Read about how Unity facilitated hypofractionated, fiducial-free SBRT treatment of prostate cancer


Lead today and be ready for tomorrow, with future-proofed technology

The treatment dose can be focused on the tumor at every moment, enabling accurate dose delivery based on position and movement, leading to increased protection of healthy tissue.

Elekta Unity provides the advanced ability to calculate, tailor and direct doses based on changes in the shape, size and position of the tumor and surrounding anatomy.

Localized treatment with zero side effects was possible for this pediatric cardiac angiosarcoma patient.

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