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Dynamic imaging around your patient

Image acquisition whenever needed

ImagingRing is an advanced, mobile CT scanner designed specifically for use in Elekta Studio, giving you access to high quality, in-room imaging whenever you need it.

Elekta is the authorized Exclusive Distributor of medPhoton in Brachytherapy. ImagingRing is product manufactured by medPhoton GmbH. ImagingRing may not be available in all markets.

Uncompromised image quality

The ability of ImagingRing to perform rapid in-room imaging at the time of treatment allows brachytherapy plans to be adapted quickly to each patient's current anatomy.

It's a perfect result if high-quality imaging for brachytherapy can come to the patient and radiation oncologist, instead of the other way around.

Professor Vratislav Strnad, MD

Head of Interventional Radiation Oncology at University Hospital Erlangen, Germany


Ensuring patient comfort

ImagingRing means that you no longer need to move patients on and off the treatment table or from room to room.




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