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Unleash the full potential of interventional radiotherapy

Unleash your full potential

Elekta Studio* brings every stage of treatment, from insertion to delivery, into one room.

This allows for an adaptive and optimized workflow and minimized patient movement—bringing greater accuracy, safety and comfort to the patient. Elekta Studio unlocks new opportunities for facility planning, development, and treatment.

*Elekta Studio is comprised of multiple medical devices, some of which may not yet be available in all markets.

Optimize your workflow with Elekta Studio

Find out how Elekta Studio gives clinicians the ability to realize a more efficient, accurate and precise workflow, with the patient at its heart.

Everything in one room

With everything in one place, interventional techniques are at your fingertips providing you with improved efficiency and the possibility for a more adaptive workflow.

Dr. Umesh Mahantshetty

Homy Bhabha Cancer Hospital & Research Centre

Dr. Christoph Bert

University Hospital Erlangen

Andre Karius

University Hospital Erlangen

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Three reasons why everything should be in one room

Dr. Umesh Mahantshetty, a Radiation Oncologist and director of the Homi Bhabha Cancer Hospital and Research Center, India, discusses why brachytherapy treatment can be taken to the next level when everything is in one place.

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Elekta Studio according to customers

Ms. Celia Chau, Oncology Physicist at Princess Margaret Hospital, Hong Kong, reveals her experience of using Elekta Studio.

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Prof. Dr. Christoph Bert talks about their experience as an early adopter of Elekta Studio.

Physicist Andre Karius talks about the benefits of precise implantation with Elekta Studio.

See Elekta Studio through the eyes of Physicists at University Hospital Erlangen, Germany.

Reduce patient movement with in-room imaging

Elekta Studio brings mobile, in-room imaging designed around the patient to minimize movement and inform decision-making at every stage of the treatment workflow.

PD Dr. Stephanie Corradini

LMU Munich

Dr. Elenta Villafranca

Navarra Hospital Complex

Marjolein Idzes

Director of Marketing Strategy, Elekta

Discover what's possible

How does Elekta Studio enable safer, more accurate procedures?

PD Dr Stefanie Corradini, Senior Radiation Oncologist at Ludwig-Maximilians University, Munich, reveals why having on-demand imaging has enabled increased safety and accuracy.

What are the benefits of in-room imaging?

Dr. Elena Villafranca, a Radiation Oncologist at Navarra Hospital Complex, Spain, discusses why she believes image-guided brachytherapy is the future of cancer care.

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The origins of Elekta Studio

Marjolein Idzes, Director of Marketing Strategy at Elekta, discusses how our customers were instrumental in developing Elekta Studio.

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Focus on implant quality, patient comfort and accuracy

Access to imaging throughout the procedure eliminates time spent transporting patients between departments, minimizes the risk of implant displacement and increases confidence to reduce margins and escalate dose to the target, while saving healthy tissue.

Prof. MD. Vratislav Strnad

University Hospital Erlangen

Medical Physicist Justus Well

University Hospital LMU Munich

Maarten ter Mors

VP and Head of Marketing and Sales at Elekta

Uncover in-room imaging

How can Elekta Studio increase treatment accuracy and patient comfort?

Prof. MD. Vratislav Strnad, Radiation Oncologist at University Hospital Erlangen, Germany, details how Elekta Studio has positively impacted his hospital.

How can Elekta Studio increase treatment accuracy and patient comfort?

Medical Physicist Justus Well, University Hospital LMU Munich, discusses Elekta Studio’s ease of use and talks through the benefits of use for image-guided bronchial therapy.

Discover our motivation

Maarten ter Mors, VP and Head of Marketing and Sales at Elekta talks about our motivation behind Elekta Studio, what makes it unique and how it will evolve brachytherapy treatment.

Elekta Studio


Increased accuracy with in-room imaging

ImagingRing* is the foundation of Elekta Studio. Complimenting afterloaders and applicators ImagingRing allows clinicians to realize the benefits of imaging throughout all stages of brachytherapy treatment.

Mobile and lightweight, this imaging device works in any brachytherapy suite.

Live 2D and 3D in-room imaging to optimize workflows and efficiencies, for staff and patients.

*Elekta is the authorized Exclusive Distributor of medPhoton in Brachytherapy. ImagingRing is product manufactured by medPhoton GmbH. ImagingRing may not be available in all markets.

Why having everything in one place can optimize the workflow and improve safety

Dr. Stefanie Corradini discusses how her team enhanced their workflow with the ImagingRing, harnessing its mobile imaging capabilities to increase accuracy and enable safer treatment delivery.

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Fernando Alves
Region Europe

Fernando talks about the importance and benefits in having access to in-room imaging during brachytherapy treatment.

Eric Sewsingh
Director of Global Sales, Elekta Brachy Solutions

Eric outlines the benefits of Elekta Studio and the ImagingRing in improving staff and patient experience during brachytherapy treatment.

Marjolein Idzes
Director of Marketing Strategy, Elekta Brachytherapy Solutions

Marjolein compares the differences between a traditional brachytherapy workflow and a one-room workflow with in-room imaging.

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