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Unleash the full potential of interventional radiotherapy

A complete solution for contemporary radiation

Precise, image-guided brachytherapy treatment and fast, adaptive treatment planning

Elekta is the authorized Exclusive Distributor of medPhoton in Brachytherapy. ImagingRing is product manufactured by medPhoton GmbH. ImagingRing may not be available in all markets.

Interventional techniques at your fingertips

Elekta Studio provides a precise, image-guided brachytherapy solution, with detailed 2D or 3D images for every step of the workflow, including applicator and needle insertion/ guidance, treatment planning, verification, and treatment delivery. The fast in-room imaging ensures shorter treatment cycles, reduced risk of applicator or needle displacement and a better overall experience for the patients

  • Fast adaptive treatment planning
  • Efficient patient and machine QA
  • Potential for applications such as source tracking

The innovative imaging and motion management technology gives clinicians the confidence to reduce margins and escalate dose to the target.

Experience Elekta Studio's innovative imaging

It is very valuable to have a complete and optimal solution for image-guided brachytherapy immediately in the intervention room, ready to operate at any time. Moreover, the entire treatment workflow is accelerated by having all necessary equipment in a single room - making therapeutically potent, targeted brachytherapy an even more practical treatment option

Professor Vratislav Strnad, MD

Head of Interventional Radiation Oncology, Erlangen University Hospital, Germany





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