Elekta Sponsorship & Donation Committee

Elekta's Sponsorship & Donation Program strives to advance causes that reflect Elekta's founder (Dr. Leksell's) spirit, ingenuity, and commitment to patient care.

Each year, Elekta contributes millions of dollars to support cancer and brain disorder research, education, training, public awareness, scientific advancement, and patient advocacy. All Elekta's Sponsorship & Donation activities reflect the company's commitment to doing business with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws.

General guidelines

Please review the following Guidelines before completing and submitting your on-line request for support.

  • All fields in the Online Application form must be completed and all required supporting documentation must be submitted for Elekta to process a request. Failure to provide all required information will result in delay and possibly rejection of your request.
  • All information provided in connection with a request must be true and accurate.
  • When completing your request, please keep the following in mind:
    • Elekta Sponsorship & Donation committee decisions are not influenced in any way by an organization's past, present or future use, purchase or recommendation of Elekta products
    • Elekta Sponsorship & Donation committee guidelines do not permit donations that will be used to fund (in whole or in part) expenditures related to the delivery of medical care to patients, including administrative, operational and capital costs
    • Your request may need to be publicly reported by Elekta pursuant to the laws of your country.

Specific guidelines

Charitable donations

Elekta's Sponsorship & Donation program provides charitable donations to support initiatives conducted for purely charitable purposes. We prioritize programs that provide support to patients in their fight against cancer and brain disorders, with particular emphasis on disadvantaged and underserved patient populations.

Educational grants

Elekta's Sponsorship & Donation committee program provides educational grants to organizations having a genuine educational function that support bona fide educational and awareness scholarships and programs carried out for the purpose of advancing medical education and clinical, technical, and scientific knowledge.

Conference sponsorship

Elekta supports educational, scientific, and policymaking conferences through its purchase of advertisements and exhibit space for company displays. For conference support requests, please make sure you fully describe the promotional or display opportunities available to manufacturers.

Supporting documentation

All of the following documents must be included in your Online Application:

  • Event documentation (e.g., agenda, brochure, web address, invitation letter, etc.)
  • Official documentation establishing the tax-exempt/charitable status of your organization (if applicable)

For more information or if you have any questions, please email us at sdc@elekta.com.

Elekta sponsorship and donation

Application form

To request support from Elekta Sponsorship & Donation committee in the form of Charitable Donations, Educational Grants or Conference Sponsorship, please complete all sections of the application form (link below). Do NOT use this form to submit requests for clinical or technical research funding or Fellowship Support.

Elekta's Sponsorship & Donation Committee reviews all requests for corporate support. Requests are reviewed in the order in which they are received by Elekta. You will receive a decision from Elekta within 60 days following the submission of a fully completed request.

Please be aware that Elekta is not able to approve and support every important cause that seeks funding. All decisions by the Sponsorship & Donation Committee are final. All Elekta Sponsorship & Donation activities reflect the company's unwavering commitment to conducting our business with the highest ethical standards and in compliance with all applicable laws.

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