Elekta is committed to the development of cancer care. The company offers ongoing professional education awards and also encourages the adoption of standards to support the interoperability of multi-component systems. Learn more about our current programs summarized below.

Research Grants

Elekta can support investigator initiated Research and Development Agreement Projects via a number of mechanisms that include the provision of research funds, information, access to research hardware and/or software, and access to other Elekta resources. In exchange, Elekta expects to benefit in the form of information, access to intellectual property and research results that are the products of your work.

Elekta Investigator Initiated Research Grant Application

General Information

Elekta has a long and rich tradition of supporting investigator initiated research that leads to advances in technology and clinical care. We depend on close collaborative relationships with investigators who are themselves leaders in their respective fields. These relationships and the results of our joint research efforts are among the keys to our success and leadership in our industry.

In order to maintain the highest standards, we have formulated a process to guide applicants through the research application. This process is intended to result in a well-defined and high quality research program that is mutually beneficial.

Elekta's Research Collaborations Program acts in accordance with international and US Federal regulations that govern research funding provided by health care manufacturers to health care providers. The Program complies with the Elekta Code of Conduct, Medical Imaging and Technology Alliance (MITA) Code of Ethics on Interactions with Healthcare Professionals, the Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers from the US Office of Inspector General, and US Federal and State Sunshine Reporting of Payments to Physicians.

Elekta can support investigator initiated Research and Development Agreement Projects via various mechanisms that include:

  • The provision of research funds
  • Information, access to research hardware and/or software
  • Access to other Elekta resources as deemed necessary for the research

Your work will in turn benefit Elekta in the form of information, access to intellectual property, research results and the like.

To apply for a research grant, please complete the application form. To request a grant application form, please email your request to

This application has been adapted from U.S. National Institution of Health applications that are likely familiar to you. Applications should be focused, achievable and not overly ambitious. Please note that Elekta places a high value on having clearly defined goals and tasks, meeting specific milestones and providing associated deliverables. It should be made clear how these goals would be met and the tasks achieved. Please also limit your requests to that which would be required to complete the project.

Elekta Research Grant Objectives

The Elekta Research Grant Program is intended to support clinical and technological research activities that will advance knowledge and promote innovation. Research proposals shall be expected to demonstrate strong potential for clinical innovation, technological innovation or commercialization, relating to advancements in Elekta products and clinical solutions.

Research Grant Evaluation Process

Elekta’s research committee meets on a regular basis to review grant applications. We make our best effort to respond to you within 8-12 weeks of receipt of a completed application. If approved, we will work with you to develop a formal Research Agreement between Elekta and your Institution. The project only begins after the Research Agreement has been executed. No commitments should be made by the researcher in anticipation of this event.

Indirect Costs

In an effort to optimize the balance between direct research contributions and research overhead costs, Elekta has established a corporate policy to support a maximum funding level for Indirect Costs of 25%. This is consistent with, and in some cases in excess of Industry-wide funding levels as well as indirect funding levels of substantially larger research support programs that are not Industry-based.

For more information, please contact:

OpenRT Certification

Elekta’s OpenRT Certification program establishes compliance, validation, deployment, and support standards to support the interoperability of multi-component systems and to enhance quality of care.

Streamlined Interoperability Between RTP & Elekta's EMR

At Elekta, we believe that standards compliance and system-wide functionality are essential aspects of developing integrated tools to improve overall process efficiency. Elekta’s OpenRT Certification program establishes compliance, validation, deployment, and support standards to support the interoperability of multi-component systems and to enhance quality of care. With OpenRT Certification, customers can purchase the treatment planning system and the EMR/V&R system of their choice without worrying if the systems will work together.

Standards Compliance & Seamless Implementation

The program ensures connectivity between the treatment planning system, Elekta's electronic medical record (EMR), and the linear accelerator by requiring vendors to transfer all of the data needed to effectively manage treatment planning, setup, and delivery.

Single-Point™ Customer Support

With OpenRT Certification, technical support is available in a single phone call. Customers may contact either Elekta or their treatment planning vendor to resolve any problems that arise.

Participating Companies

Elekta would like to acknowledge NOMOS and Philips in their efforts to join us in establishing a program to ensure interoperability across multiple systems.

Questions or Comments?

Please contact the program administrator, Leon Tomczyk, for additional information.

Registrar of the Year

Elekta Software's Registrar of the Year program honors outstanding Elekta Software cancer registrars who have made valuable contributions to the success of the registry and have expanded their contributions to the broader facility and community.

Leksell Radiosurgery Award

Elekta sponsors this award which is presented annually at the AANS meeting. Started in 2009, the award is for the best paper on stereotactic radiosurgery as related to brain tumors.

Each year Elekta sponsors an award for the best paper on stereotactic radiosurgery related to brain tumors amongst the Tumor Section members of AANS and CNS. Winners are presented at the AANS Annual Meeting.

NODA Voluntary Call for Data

Elekta Software registry customers regularly contribute data to Elekta Software's National Oncology DataBase™ (NODB) through quality-checked submissions directly from their registry software. In return, Elekta Software provides primary site-specific aggregate data reports to contributors via the Internet. Elekta Software's registry customers can use this information to generate annual reports, internal comparative reviews, and much more.

Citation Guidelines

Frequently, Elekta is asked about the proper way to cite the use our products in the professional literature, in professional meeting posters or in oral presentations. Because Elekta has grown as an entity both organically and by acquisition of leading industry corporations and their products, there has been considerable confusion about the proper citation language. The following guidance should be helpful in describing how such attributions should be made, and conforms directly with guidance from The AMA Manual of Style, 10th Edition.

Elekta products used for research should be listed in the Methods and Materials sections of publications and presentations. Products used should generally be cited as follows: Product Name, Version [if applicable], Elekta AB, Stockholm, Sweden.


  • Leksell Gamma Knife Icon, Elekta AB, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Elekta Unity MR-Linac, Elekta AB, Stockholm, Sweden
  • MOSAIQ, Elekta AB, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Flexitron, Elekta AB, Stockholm, Sweden

Please note that the usual “®” and ”™” monikers are not used with the names in this listing in order to comply with the guidance from The AMA Manual of Style, which specifically states that a trademark (e.g., ®, TM or SM) should not be used in scientific journal articles or references, but the initial letter of a trademarked word should be capitalized.