Elekta Integrity Line

Reporting a violation

Elekta’s Code of Conduct sets out the standards of professional conduct that we use at Elekta to guide our interactions, every day, with each other, our customers and our business partners. It demonstrates our unwavering commitment to integrity in everything we do. By reporting compliance violations you are acting in the spirit of our Code and helping to protect our business and our reputation.

Elekta has a non-retaliation policy so you can feel comfortable reporting a violation to compliance@elekta.com. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it by e-mail and you believe there has been a serious breach of our Code of Conduct, Policies or Law, you can report a violation and engage in virtual communication with the Elekta Compliance Team via the Elekta Integrity Line, available 24 hours a day. You can identify your self or report the violation anonymously.

The Elekta Integrity Line is operated by an independent third-party (SpeakUp) that will provide Elekta with a typed word-to-word transcript of what you have said. You are in total control of the content of the message you leave: if you leave your contact details in your message, SpeakUp will forward it; if you do not leave your contact details, Elekta will not know who you are. Furthermore, Elekta will not to seek the identity of any anonymous reporter.

Click the button below to see reporting options, including country specific information:

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Frequently Asked Questions about Elekta Integrity Line and the SpeakUp system

Q: What is the Elekta Integrity Line?

A: It is a service ('communication instrument') enabling all employees within Elekta to report serious breaches that would otherwise not be reported in complete anonymity. You can do this either by phone or via a secure website, without the interference of a human operator.

Q: What is the Elekta Integrity Line intended for?

A: To make available a reporting route to all Elekta employees, suppliers, customers and any other person that would like to report a violation to Elekta.

Q: How does the Elekta Integrity Line work?

A: Phone: You dial the free phone number, enter your access code and leave your message. During your call you will not talk to an operator. All instructions have been pre-recorded and will guide you through the process easily. Within one week you can call back to listen to Elekta's response. You can post a new follow-up message to this response. This conversation cycle can be repeated endlessly. (Tip: write down your message before you make the call.)

Web: Proceed to the Elekta Integrity Line Web Service page (by using button "CLICK TO REPORT A CONCERN" or simply entering the URL: https://www.speakupfeedback.eu/web/elektaexternals/select_country/766 ), choose your country, enter your access code and leave your message. Within one week you can return to the Web Service and read Elekta's response. You can reply to this response. This communication cycle can be repeated endlessly.

Q: Who operates the Elekta Integrity Line?

A: The service is operated by a third party, People Intouch, an independent Dutch company. People Intouch is responsible for processing all messages. Founded in 2004, the company is based in Amsterdam. The patented SpeakUp® reporting system is already used by numerous well-known companies.

Q: Is the system difficult to use?

A: Not at all: straightforward voice prompts guide you through the simple process and phone menu.

Q: Can my identity be discovered?

A: Elekta will receive a typed word-for-word transcript of what you have said. You are in total control of the content of the message you leave: if you leave your contact details in your message, SpeakUp will forward it; if you do not leave your contact details, SpeakUp and Elekta will not know who you are. Furthermore, Elekta has agreed not to seek the identity of any caller.

Q: Will my voice be heard by Elekta?

A: No. The SpeakUp system is operated by People Intouch, an independent company that transcribes and translates your message and sends Elekta a typed word-for-word transcript of what you have said.(Tip: if you do not feel comfortable leaving a phone message, have someone else read out your message on the phone system or leave a message on the web system)

Q: Can Elekta trace my connection data?

A: No, the SpeakUp system is operated by People Intouch. Elekta has no access to the connection data. Phone details or IP-addresses will never be handed over to the company. However, it could be that your company traces user information from your company telephone or computer, note that you can use a public or non-identifiable telephone or computer as well.

Q: What happens with the recording of my message?

A: Upon confirmation of receipt of the transcribed and/or translated message by Elekta, the recording will be erased immediately by People Intouch.

Q: Will confidentiality ever be broken?

A: The exception to the afore mentioned: if the SpeakUp system receives a message whereby the caller is threatening with violence or a criminal act, Elekta can request to retain the recording to hand it over to the authorities. Still, the voice file and/or connection data will never be handed over to Elekta.

Q: Who is paying for my call?

A: Access is via a free phone number so you will call at no cost. However, it can be that in exceptional cases (for some mobile operators for instance) local costs will apply.

Q: Is there a limit on the length of message I can leave?

A: No. However, after seven minutes you will get a notification followed by an option to continue.

(Tip: try to be as comprehensive and to the point as possible in your message)

Q: What do I need to do when the SpeakUp Phone system is not accessible?

A: If you have tried calling from a mobile phone, then please try again using a fixed land line, we have experienced that this is the best way to reach the SpeakUp phone system. If you still encounter problems accessing the SpeakUp phone system, you can send an email to speakup@peopleintouch.nl.

Q: How quickly will my message be passed on to Elekta?

A: Your transcribed message will be sent to Elekta, in principle, within one working day.

Q: Who at Elekta receives my message?

A: The Global Compliance Officer.

Q: I want to remain anonymous, but would like to receive a response; how can I manage?

A: The SpeakUp system will give you a unique case number. Please make sure to write this down carefully. This case number enables you to listen to or read the response from Elekta when you return to the system.

Q: How quickly can I check for a response?

A: Elekta strives to respond within one week. If no answer is available after a week, we advise you to try once more after a few days, or leave a new message with a new case number and refer to your other case number.

Q: Can I call SpeakUp at any time?

A: Yes, the Elekta Integrity Line is available 24 hours per day and 365 days a year from every telephone. Each country has its own free phone number and access code.

Q: Can I leave a message in my native language?

A: Yes, you can leave a message in your native language. Agreements are made with Elekta about language options for each country. When leaving your message, you can simply choose one of these languages. Responses will be in your native language as well.

Q: Can I leave documents?

A: Yes, the Elekta Integrity Line Web Service enables you to attach (electronic) documents.

When you have left a message on the phone system, you can log on to the web system using the same case number. Press on the button 'if you already have a case number'. Here you can leave your (electronic) documents. If you would like to stay anonymous, please make sure your contact details are not mentioned in the attachments or in its properties.

Q: What if I don't remember my case number?

A: If you have lost your case number, we ask you to leave your message again with a new case number. If you had written down your message for your first call, this will not take up much of your time. Use the new case number for all further communication.

Q: I do not know where to find the information to leave a message. Where can I find this?

A: The information to leave a message can be found on the Internet page of Elekta. If you cannot find it there, please send an email to speakup@peopleintouch.nl , so we can help you.